Violins for Beginners

People started having a slim knowledge on how to do things at first. They tend to explore it for themselves for them to learn. Schools were also established for a sole reason, to make everyone aware of their surroundings and what it can offer.

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The same thing goes to music. People did not know what music is until someone somewhere had made an exploration and introduced it to the public. Accompanied by music are the musical instruments which are developed and sold to the market and one of those instruments is the violin.

What is a Violin?

Kids nowadays are aware that a guitar is a musical instrument and is commonly used by musicians. It is from the family of string instruments where violins also belong. A violin is a wooden string instrument which is the smallest but with the highest pitch among its family. It has four strings and played by drawing a bow which is made with a horsehair attached to a stick.

Perfect Violins for Beginners

Everyone is not expert with everything and there should be a first time for it. As long as you can hold a violin and a bow, then you have the chance of playing it with also a help from someone who knows how to play it.

There are beginner violins available in the market that will serve as your partner when you are having your violin lessons and practices.

  • RicardBunnel G2 – produced by Kennedy Violins is clearly designed for beginners. It is a lightweight model that comes with carrying case, bow, and learning strings. It will not require its user to press it hard for it has higher action.
  • DZ Strad Violin Model 101 – offers well-rounded sounds and warm tones with its lightweight design. This product comes with a bow, rosin, and carrying case. Even if it is for beginners, it also has the same timbre that meets expert’s expectations.
  • Cremona SV500 Premier Artist Violin – is made straight from solid maple and grained hard spruce. It features high-quality toned wood and elegant varnish. The violin comes in handy with a carrying case and bow which is made from genuine horsehair.
  • Bunnel Basic Clearance Violin Outfit – is much cheaper but is the same with the regular Bunnel beginner violin. This is one of the highest rated violins in Amazon, one of the popular shopping site on the internet. This has an extremely high and good reviews from the customers who had experienced using it.