The Merits And Demerits of OLED TV

Already, OLED TV and other OLED products that make use of the OLED technology are out in the market. OLED technology has a lot to offers to its users. Some consumers state that it is the future of Television.  It is just perfect for the TVs that are in the market and can offer some incredible features as of this moment. They are made up from organic materials that helps save up to 50 percent of the energy consumption which eventually helps you save more on your energy bills.

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They are the lightest, thinnest and most flexible forms of TVs available in the market. When we say that they are the thinnest, you will be amazed to know that an OLED TV can be manufactured to be just a few millimeters thick: which makes it much lighter in weight. An OLED TV can be easily mounted onto the wall and also moved from one place to another. As it is with all technologies aside from their merits there are also some demerits with OLED TV.

The biggest challenge that all the TV manufacturers face today in the manufacturing of these OLED TVs is how to make the lifespan of the machine set longer. The organic materials that are used for the manufacturing of OLED TV sets come with a limited lifespan. According to research, approximately after 14,000 hours which makes around 5 years of 8 hours per day usage of an OLED TV the quality of images start fading away  from its original brightness. Unlike the competitors, the lifespan of the other TV models is usually around 60,000 hours on the manufacturer as well as model of the Television.

The OLED TV sets can be easily damaged by water. Getting water onto the TV screen can damage the organic components used. Therefore, the sealing process in OLED TVs is crucial. Just like it is with any other TV set, it is not really recommended set for gamers who prefer playing for long hours as it could lead to screen burning.

If you intend to buy our own OLED TV anytime soon, it is vital that you conduct research about the product first, what is the best brand on the market for OLED TV sets and what features it can offer you with.