The importance of economizers in rooftop equipment:

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An economizer is a device that uses the outdoor air to cool the rooftop as long as the air temperature is below a certain level and the humidity is below a certain percentage.  It is set inside the rooftop equipment. This form of cooling is known as free cooling as it cools the building without the use of energy.  You can conact AIC Heat today for further details.

Below are the different types of economizers:

Dry Bulb Economizer - This economizer utilizes a sensor to decide whether open air is at or underneath a specific temperature, as a rule around 55 degrees F. On the off chance that the outside air temperature is beneath the set point and there is a call for cooling, an actuator opens a damper, enabling the open air to blend with the arrival air to give the cooling effect. One issue with this kind of framework is the outside air being low in temperature to cool and also contain excessively moistness for common luxury. There are furnace heat exchangers  for a better heat exchange process.

Single Enthalpy Economizer – These economizers uses a sensor to decide whether the outside air contains a sufficiently low measure of moistness to be used for cooling. Single enthalpy controls have been known to have issues. Throughout the years, components utilized as a part of these sorts of sensors at times separate, rendering the sensor to be inaccurate.

Differential Enthalpy Economizer - These types of economizers uses two sensors. One gauges the arrival air enthalpy, while alternate measures open air enthalpy. Dampers are regulated for ideal and most minimal enthalpy to be utilized for cooling.

Incorporated Differential Enthalpy Economizer - These are the same as the differential sort apart from the fact that the controls can speak with the indoor multi-organize indoor regulator. On a call for cooling, if the temperature and enthalpy of the outside air are sufficiently low, the economizer would be the first-stage cooling. On the off chance that open air is not sufficiently adequate to cool the space, second-stage cooling would go ahead, starting the framework's compressor. 

Advantages of economizers To Building Owners:

One of the principle motivations to utilize an economizer is to spare cash on power. The more drawn out outside air can be utilized for cooling, the more extended the compressor can stay off. Another advantage is the economizer really can develop the life of the hardware – given the fact that the economizer is maintained legitimately.

Expert Opportunities


The economizer is mostly neglected parts in a HVAC housetop unit. It can be broken, and, if the damper is closed, the building owner will never come to know about it. Experts who comprehend the economizer's operation can disclose to the building proprietor how it can spare them cash in service bills,  leading to a repair opportunity for themselves and their organization.