Reviews Coast Spas Wonders About Snow Days


If you are like us here at Reviews Coast Spas, we have a love/hate relationship with snow days. While we were kids, we loved them, but now that we have kids, we hate them. Having a snow day declared by the school district means that we have to call into work and tell them we cannot come in either. While this may seem like a blessing in disguise, it also means we don’t get paid. We could always try to find a sitter for the kids, that is if you are not lucky enough to have kids old enough to babysit your other kids, but chances of finding someone close enough that you trust willing to come out in the snow is slim to none. The second problem is finding stuff to do with your kids because these days most kids don’t want to just go out and play in the snow as we did. However, in parts of North America, schools are fighting back against the missed days.

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What They Are Doing

In some school districts in the United States, they are taking advantage of a technology that we have had for quite some time – the internet. The United States is one of the most connected countries in the world. For that reason, they are starting to have virtual classes on snow days. While this may not be beneficial to parents that still need to take a day off, it also opens up new talks with businesses. In recent years, many companies have been trying to send people home. No, we are not trying to fire them, we are trying to minimize the number of workers that need to come into the office. Should you have a job and an internet connection, you could easily do your work from home. In some cases, this simply is not possible, but for many smaller businesses, it is a viable option. Studies have shown that just as much work can get done from the home office as can get done at the regular office. Cutting down the number of employees that need to be in the office can help a business to reduce the size of their offices and pay less in rent. These savings could be passed on to the customer and make things be even cheaper. We suggest that you talk with your boss about the ability to work from home on snow days if your kids are staying home. If the work is sufficient and up to standards, maybe they would be willing to let you work from home on a permanent basis.


In every generation, Reviews Coast Spas knows that there are market disruptors. One way to change the market is by doing new and innovative things. Taking the opportunity to work from home on days that your kids have to stay home for school could lead to more and more businesses finally letting people telecommute.