Nadine Gourkow Explains Why To Get A Windows Tablet


There are many options when it comes to getting a tablet nowadays, but Nadine Gourkow has been watching a brand that has, up until now, gone largely unnoticed. The brand she is talking about is Windows. While the name Windows has become synonymous with home computing, it rarely comes up in a discussion about personal computing. When we say personal computing, we are talking about tablets and will not consider phones or laptops as such. With the big day (i.e. Christmas) rapidly approaching, it is now time to consider making those purchases.

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Wow Over the Windows Tablet

While Samsung and Apple have rested on their laurels, Windows has moved into the market and is now beginning to corner an even bigger portion of the market. While we don’t think that Windows will make a product that will be an “iPad or Tab killer” we certainly feel as if they will be equally as good as them. Take a look at the list below for just a few of the reasons you should pick up a Windows Tablet this holiday season.

  • Choice – When it comes to brands, they have one or two models, including their flagship model, and that is about it. Windows, on the other hand has over 15 different options of tablets to choose from. In their mind, people need to have choices because when it comes to tablets, it is not a one size fits all system. Having as many choices as they do, allows the user to decide what tablet will serve their needs and make a purchase accordingly.
  • Docking – While both Samsung and Apple have docking stations for their mobile devices, neither of them has one for their tablets. That is where Windows saw a gap in the market. It is much easier to be able to dock your device when it needs charging, rather than trying to find that stinking cord. Should you ever need to plug in with a cord, however, one is provided and can be used when you are traveling or anywhere that is not at home.
  • Peripherals – You read that right! When you get a Windows tablet, there are ports that you can plug in peripherals to it. This may seem a little overkill but imagine being at a business conference and forgetting your document on your desk at home. Now all you need to do is find a printer and plug it into the device. Bang, your speech has been saved and no one is the wiser. We can’t tell you how many times we have wanted to have this option and it was not available to us.
  • Collaboration – With your Windows tablet, when your coworkers need to communicate with you, they can dial the tablet directly provided you are both on the same Wi-Fi server. So, if you are at a business conference and you need to call your teammate, simply press their icon and instantly connect.


There are many tablet options on the market, but only one with so many capabilities. This is definitely the hands-down favourite to take a chunk of the market in the coming years. Perhaps it will be the new standard by which all other tablets are measured. Either way, Nadine Gourkow will definitely be picking one up this year.