PodHawk 1.85 released

I released PodHawk 1.85 today.

This is a bug-fix release. It removes the bug which gave PHP error messages while saving a posting if commenting had not been enabled. It also restores functionality to the Lightbox feature and plugin, which stopped working with the recent release of jQuery 1.9.

There are only 6 new or amended files in PodHawk 1.85. Read the update instructions in the download package


PodHawk 1.84 released

I have released PodHawk 1.84 today. This is purely a bug-fix release with no new features.

Updating instructions are in the howtoupdate.txt file included in the package. if you already have PodHawk 1.83, updating involves changing 7 files and uploading 1 new file.

You can download PodHawk 1.84 as either a .zip or a .tar.gz archive here



This module displays a pagination string i.e.a clickable list of page numbers like this:

1 2 3 4 5 ........15

The number of pages shown depends on the request which the user has made. For example, a request for index.php might produce 15 pages of posts; a request for posts in category “music” might produce only 3 pages; and a request for a single post (eg id=5) will require only one page.

The module takes no user-defined parameters.



This module displays a “sorry I can’t find any posts” message when the user requests eg an empty category, or a post id which does not exist.



This module is ‘included’ by common_head.tpl. It inserts some Javascript in the head section of the webpage which tests whether the user’s browsers has an installed Flash plugin. If no Flash plugin is installed, any Flash-based audio player on the web-page is replaced with HTML5 <audio> tags, so that the browser displays its default audio player.

See this posting for more information about PodHawk support for HTML5 audio and video playback.

This module takes no user-defined parameters.