This module is ‘included’ by common_head.tpl. It inserts some Javascript in the head section of the webpage which tests whether the user’s browsers has an installed Flash plugin. If no Flash plugin is installed, any Flash-based audio player on the web-page is replaced with HTML5 <audio> tags, so that the browser displays its default audio player.

See this posting for more information about PodHawk support for HTML5 audio and video playback.

This module takes no user-defined parameters.



This module creates the ‘head’ section of the webpage HTML, including the page title, open graph tags (if you are using the Facebook plugin), calls to cascading style sheets, jQuery and other javascript needed to display the webpage properly etc.

It takes no user-defined parameters, and you are unlikely to want to edit it.



This module places HTML and/or Javascript on the webpage in order to show an audio or video player on the webpage. It takes no user-defined parameters, and you are unlikely to want to edit it.

It is used inside the postings loop.



This module places some Javascript used by the Disqus commenting system at the foot of the webpage. If you are not using the Disqus commenting system, the module has no effect.



This template module places a form to submit comments, and a list of the comments already made, below the text of a posting. Normally, it is called only when the web page contains a single posting; however, the index.tpl template could easily be modified to include comments on pages with more than one post.

The module does not take any parameters to modify its behaviour.