PodHawk 1.82 Released

PodHawk 1.82 was released today.

The new version includes a number of bug fixes, as well as the following new features

• the sidebar calendar can now display user-defined names of months. It can also be configured to show postings from one category/tag only, instead of all postings.
• the sidebar ‘recent postings’ widget now has an option of a thumbnail image and/or a summary of the posting
• a new and more user-friendly version of HTML purifier (the programme which checks newly-created posts and comments to ensure that they contain no dangerous HTML)
• the handling of images for your PodHawk web page has been improved. If you want, you can now display images in a Lightbox, or as a slideshow.
• the TinyMCE Editor now includes an image list feature, so that you can easily find images from your images folder to add to your postings.
• new and more efficient code for the production of the RSS feed

You can download PodHawk 1.82 here. The package contains both installation and “How to Update” instructions.


PodHawk 1.81 Released.

I released PodHawk 1.81 today.

This is largely a bug-fix release. It contains a revised Facebook plugin, to take account of some recent Facebook changes, and to make it easier for you to add your Facebook app to Facebook pages which you administer. There is a completely rewritten PDF plugin, which now supports any UTF-8 font (‘unifont’) – instructions here. There is a new web.config file to enable URL rewriting etc on Windows IIS servers.

The download package contains instructions on how to update your existing PodHawk installation. You can update from PodHawk 1.8 simply by replacing a few files.

You can download PodHawk 1.81 as a tar.gz package from here or as a .zip package from here.


Podhawk 1.8

PodHawk 1.8 was released today. I have completely re-written most of the code.

The major changes are:

- PodHawk 1.8 uses PHP Database Objects (PDO) to manage the database. PDO is faster and more secure than ADODBLite. However, PodHawk will fall back to ADODBLite automatically where the PDO modules are not available.

- PodHawk 1.8 uses HTML Purifier to ensure that your postings contain only ‘good’ html, and that comments left on your site by listeners cannot contain malicious code.

- PodHawk 1.8 supports the latest version of the JW Player. This uses HTML5 to display a player on devices (eg iPads and iPhones) which do not support Flash.

- there is an improved (more secure) option to allow listeners to leave audio comments.

- a new Facebook plugin, to work with all the changes which Facebook have made in recent months.

- a new theme (Whitebrush) with many thanks to Falko Knizia

- a German language option for the backend pages – thanks again to Falko.

- you can store your audio and video files on Amazon S3. PodHawk will handle file upload and download. Your Amazon “bucket” becomes effectively an extension of the ‘audio’ folder on your server. This option is valuable where your web host restricts the download bandwidth from your site.

There are instructions for installation and upgrading in the download package. I now need to revise the Wiki, to include detailed information on the new features. This may take a few weeks. Please be patient!



There is a potential vulnerability in the system for handling comments from listeners/users. I have fixed it in a new release, PodHawk 1.73. You should upgrade your PodHawk installation as soon as possible.

Only two files need to be changed – podhawk/inc/commenthandler.php and podhawk/inc/smarty-functions.php. The new versions of these files are available for download here. You can if you prefer simply download these two files and upload them to your site in place of the existing files with these names. They will work on any PodHawk version since 1.7. If you have an older version, please consider upgrading now.

The vulnerability affects only the inbuilt PodHawk commenting system, not the option to use Disqus comments.


PodHawk 1.72 released.

I have released PodHawk 1.72 today.

This is mainly a bug-fix release. In particular, the missing files in the Facebook plugin have been restored.

The two new features are:

  • improved security of the Smarty templating engine. Details here.
  • one-click options on the id3 page to use the post title in the id3 title tag and the post summary in the id3 comments tag.

You can download PodHawk 1.72 as a zip or a tar.gz package from Sourceforge. There are instructions for installing and updating in the packages.