How To Stay Warm In Cold Weather

It can be a real challenge for some people to heat their homes without spending a ton of money. But there are a few effective ways that can help you achieve that and AIC Heat will share them with you.If you are a person who has poor circulation then you must know how hard it is to get warmed up. Here are some crazy and interesting ideas that can help you warm up during cold winter days.

Warm up with the help of the hairdryer

If you cannot stand the cold weather and no matter what you do, you feel cold, take the hair dryer, turn it on high temperature and warm the bed before you lie down. It only takes a few minutes, and the result will definitely be good.

Spare socks

Socks do not take up much space, so you can always have them in your purse, as a backup if you are not dressed warm enough when you leave your home. This is especially a good idea if it's raining or snowing outside.

Warm clothes

Before you put on your clothes after the morning shower, put your underwear and socks to in the dryer, on radiators, keep them warm... You will feel amazing once you put them on.


Hot oven is not needed only for meals but also to warm your body. While using the oven to bake something you should know how much this part of the stove can heat an entire room. Even if you do not cook anything, and you have another job in the kitchen, turn on the oven and open it wide.

Hot water on the joints

The quickest way to warm up is to let the hot water that slide through your wrists. Your blood will get warmer and it travels the body quickly and makes you feel warmer in just a few seconds. So, when you feel cold, quickly put the joints under hot water.

Spicy food

Spice up your body some hot food, from which you will definitely start to sweat and feel the heat. Just do not overdo it with hot peppers.

 Bath instead of showering

Immerse yourself in a warm bath. Your body will absorb heat from the water and keep it for a while when you get out of the tub. Especially if you do drink hot tea and add a little ginger.


Nothing will heat up your body as quickly as some cardio exercises you can do at home. You will feel energetic, warm, relaxed and you won’t be cold for a longer period of time.

Talk to your doctor. If nothing helps, then maybe you are suffering from extreme coldness and it is best to consult with your doctor, who can prescribe you a medicine or therapy.