Eliminate Phishing Websites Parading As Your Brand By Using Antiphishing Services

These days, fraudsters are getting smarter. Society’s reliance on technology has made it easier for them to trick people into giving them money.

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Whether you are operating an e-commerce website or simply love online shopping, here are some of the things to be wary of when it comes to online phishing and fraud:

Email Phishing

Everyone gets spam mail, and they get sent to the spam folder for a reason. But don’t just rely on your email provider to catch the junk. Also check the sender’s address, especially on emails that lead you to another website.

Usually, phishing emails would be sent from very recognizable brands, but actually, there is a slight typo in the email address. This will lead you to the scam’s next step.

Website Clones

Now that they got you here, they will try to information from you that they can exploit like bank account number or credit card details.

Always read through the pages. Familiarize yourself with your bank’s web page appearance if you often do online banking. Be especially wary of forms, because this is how the scammers acquire information. Once you send it, there’s no getting it back.

CEO Fraud

This is a step up from online phishing because the perpetrators are more involved.

Basically, through research and proper planning, they try to trick regular employees to send them money by pretending to be their boss. Their usual style involve urgent messages sent from mobile devices.

Bot Malware

These are like your usual computer virus, but are harder to get rid of. Once installed on the computer, these things automatically starts itself every day, siphoning important information.

Banks around the world have been victimized by such malware, and has caused mass panic in affected countries.

Ways to protect yourself

Presence of mind is key. Don’t just take things for granted. Learn to be suspicious of everything, especially things that require you to give up sensitive information.

Antivirus and antimalware programs should be installed on all your devices, especially networked computers. Perform regular checks and system cleaning.

Antiphishing and brand protection services are probably the best when it comes to businesses. These services perform website takedown  in case it detects a phishing clone of yours. They also monitor for and detect phishing attempts that involve your brand, making sure to keep your brand reputation intact.

Don’t fall victim to fraud. Be aware. Protect yourself.