Brad Roemer Discusses the Best Do It Yourself Ideas


We live in a world of over-consumption. Things used to be made to last and handed down from generation to generations. In our consumer world, things are made to be replaced, creating a new problem of growing concern. What do we do with all of this broken, one use stuff? Follow Brad Roemer Real Estate Relator on a quest of discovery. On a quest to upcycle everyday items and minimize our impact on our planet.

DIY Projects

1 – Single-use plastic spoons

We are all guilty of using these items. The plastic take-out spoons. Extremely convenient, but those little plastic spoons fill our recycling bins, if they make it there, and end up most of the time in our limited spaced landfill. One simple way to prevent that is to create a simple spoon lampshade. Yes, you heard me correctly, a lampshade. Perfect for outside, as it is made of plastic, and will not have any difficulties surviving the elements. If you are like Brad Roemer and indulge in the occasional take our, make sure to keep and wash those plastic spoons, as they can be used to create a wonderful, soft light. By cutting the bottom of a large plastic bottle (2-liter bottles at least) you start by gluing only the spoon part of the plastic spoon to the bottom and working your way up. If needed, you should overlap the spoons a little, so you have no space left “unspooned”. Glue on your next layer by making sure no empty spots can be seen. Keep going, layer by layer, until you have almost reached the spout. Now would be the ideal time to string your light socket.  If you plan on using your lampshade outside, I would recommend using silicone to seal the spout tightly. You can then create a ring to complete your lampshade.

 2 - Plastic bottle broom.

Some states will offer an incentive to bring plastic bottles back to the store by applying a deposit on the bottle. Not all bottles offer a deposit, however, and those plastic bottles can be given a new life before sending them, hopefully, to the recycling plant. One of Brad Roemer’s easiest way to give a second use to those bottles is to transform them into brooms. Ideal for outside, where a coarser sweep will not show as much, using a plastic bottle to create a broom is a quick and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. By simply cutting the bottom of the bottle off, and slicing the bottle into strands, up to approximately 3 inches from the spout, you can make your own broom. The finer the strand, the finer crumbs can be moved. Simply attach your new broom to a broomstick, and voila! You have a new broom! Easy as pie!


Everything we have has a use. But just like Brad Roemer is now doing, finding a new life for the things we no longer have a use for is a simple way to reduce not only our carbon footprint but also spend less. It is a great habit to start in order to save money and our planet. If we each do our part, by taking simple steps, we can live a happier, healthier life!