Bottini Fuel Helps You Build Your Own Gas Fire Pit


With each passing day, Bottini Fuel knows that we are inching ever closer to summer. This is a time when people love to gather around a fire and do the things people do around them. Things such as roasting marshmallows, enjoying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, having an adult beverage, grilling outdoors, and so on. In many areas, you are not allowed to have fires that use wood as they produce embers and that can lead to forest fires. Well, there is an alternative that is legal in most areas (be sure to check your local and state laws prior to lighting the fire). That way is gas fire pits. They use gas and rocks and there are no embers that form as a result. It is the ultimate outdoor luxury on those cool summer nights.

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Propane Pit

No matter what your reason for wanting to have an outdoor fire pit, we are here to help you. With just a few somewhat simple steps, you too can add luxury and value to your home. It will take a few days to accomplish depending on how large scale you want it to be, but it will be all worth it in the end.

  1. Supplier – First and foremost you are going to want to find a supplier for the propane you are going to use. This should not prove to be too difficult of a task to perform. Make sure that you have the option to get propane when you need it and not be on an automatic payment plan. Nothing worse than having to pay for fuel that you did not need or have room for.
  2. Burner – You are going to want to select the type of burner you want. There are many different styles and the choice will be based on the shape, design, and size of your fire pit. Go with something that strikes your fancy and don’t buy something you don’t think you will need or like.
  3. Pan – You will need to select a fire pit pan. This will be for the burner and rocks to sit. After all, you can’t just put it down in the middle of your yard with no protection. Well, you could, but we don’t think that would look too nice when you have guests over for a night of fire fun.
  4. Media – No, we are not talking about the news or any printed publication. We are talking about the type of aesthetic you are going to put in the pit. You have many choices from charcoal designs to lava rocks to ceramic logs. Any and all choices are viable, but again it depends on your style, design, and size of your pit.


A fire pit is a nice touch to a backyard and Bottini Fuel has the knowledge to help you. If you need any help making decisions on placement, design, or materials, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our service professionals will be happy to assist you. This can be a weekend project, so get out there and make summer memories around the fire pit.