PodHawk 1.82 Released

PodHawk 1.82 was released today.

The new version includes a number of bug fixes, as well as the following new features

• the sidebar calendar can now display user-defined names of months. It can also be configured to show postings from one category/tag only, instead of all postings.
• the sidebar ‘recent postings’ widget now has an option of a thumbnail image and/or a summary of the posting
• a new and more user-friendly version of HTML purifier (the programme which checks newly-created posts and comments to ensure that they contain no dangerous HTML)
• the handling of images for your PodHawk web page has been improved. If you want, you can now display images in a Lightbox, or as a slideshow.
• the TinyMCE Editor now includes an image list feature, so that you can easily find images from your images folder to add to your postings.
• new and more efficient code for the production of the RSS feed

You can download PodHawk 1.82 here. The package contains both installation and “How to Update” instructions.


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