PodHawk 1.6 released.

I have released PodHawk 1.6 today. Download here.

New features include :

Facebook integration. Optionally, you can put your PodHawk site on Facebook as a Facebook application. Your users can add your podcasts to their profiles, and put your mp3 files in their News Feed for their friends to listen to. Full details here.

Flash file uploading (in place of the old php browser upload). If your server is set up to read “php_value” directives in .htaccess files, your PodHawk upload limit is now 50MB. Details here. >>CUT_HERE>>

A new feature for compiling audio/video playlists and playing them in the JW player on your web page. See the example on this site. Details here.

A newly-designed calendar plugin for your webpage which uses cunning AJAX technology to move from month to month (instead of reloading the webpage).

Plus many more minor enhancements and a few bug fixes.

PodHawk 1.6 requires php5. If your server has php4, you should install PodHawk 1.53 instead.

Full install/upgrade/convert from LoudBlog instructions are included in the .zip and .tar.gz packages.

Future plans for PodHawk include support for file hosting on Amazon SSS (this is possible at present, but could be made more useable); and a JavaScript API to allow material from your PodHawk site to display on other CMSs such as Drupal and Joomla. Other suggestions welcome. Happy podcasting!


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