…to PodHawk.

PodHawk is a content management system specially designed for audio and video podcasters. Developed from the well-established LoudBlog software, PodHawk will manage your audio and video files, generate a full podcasting RSS feed, and allow you to present your postings on an attractive web-page. There is a choice of webpage players, so your listeners can listen to your masterworks straight from your site.

This site runs entirely on PodHawk, and shows a few of the things that PodHawk is capable of doing. You can read much more about PodHawk here, and download the latest version of PodHawk here.

Photo of a red-tailed hawk by Vicki’s Nature/flickr


PodHawk Forum and Wiki

Sourceforge have announced that they will soon stop supporting the applications which run the PodHawk Forum and the PodHawk Wiki.

I have moved the PodHawk Forum to the PodHawk website. You can find it here. Users will probably find that their previous passwords do not work, and that they need to get a new password by clicking the “Forgot your password?” link. Please let me know if you have problems with the new Forum.

I will also move the Wiki to the PodHawk website, but I will host it on PodHawk software instead of MediaWiki. I will also take the opportunity to rewrite and re-organise it and generally make it more useful. You will be able to use the comments section below each Documentation post to add your own contributions to the PodHawk knowledge base. For the moment, the old Wiki remains active, but you can see progress on the new Documentation on http://www.podhawk.com/index.php?cat=docs.


PodHawk 1.85 released

I released PodHawk 1.85 today.

This is a bug-fix release. It removes the bug which gave PHP error messages while saving a posting if commenting had not been enabled. It also restores functionality to the Lightbox feature and plugin, which stopped working with the recent release of jQuery 1.9.

There are only 6 new or amended files in PodHawk 1.85. Read the update instructions in the download package


PodHawk 1.84 released

I have released PodHawk 1.84 today. This is purely a bug-fix release with no new features.

Updating instructions are in the howtoupdate.txt file included in the package. if you already have PodHawk 1.83, updating involves changing 7 files and uploading 1 new file.

You can download PodHawk 1.84 as either a .zip or a .tar.gz archive here


PodHawk 1.83 released

I released PodHawk 1.83 today. You can download it here

Main new features are:

  • improved HTML5 support, including the ability to attach multiple media files to a single posting (details here).
  • three new plugins – the Slideshow plugin allows you to create slideshows and store them as a media file; the Multi-Theme plugin allows you to specify different themes for different posting categories; and the MediaElement plugin will place the MediaElement audio/video player on your webpage.